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Cancelled for 2021

The Impact Lab course is also open for students during the summer! You'll get to work with ventures started by HKU students or social impact enterprises in Hong Kong, from NGOs, to for-profit organisations and charities. The Impact Lab Summer course is a 6-credit experiential learning course that gives you entrepreneurship opportunities together with international exposure.

NOTE: Students can take part in the course virtually (work-from-home = wfh). Small group in-person interactions might be possible if the situation, closer to the starting date of the course, allows. All students who would have been accepted to the course and would require to complete the course virtually even if the situation changes will be able to do so (e.g. in case the student is located in a different geographical location).

Student Testimonials


Over the 4-week program, you will not only spend time working hands-on with an exciting social venture but also develop important and marketable skills.

Your weekly schedule will consist of 4 days with the company, growing their business, with the 5th day spent designing, filming and editing a short film or promotional video for the company you are working with.


This is a great opportunity to show creativity, innovative thinking and develop something of long term benefit to the company you are working with. The department has cutting edge software and equipment (think drone …) which will help you create something both you and the companies can be proud of.​

The Impact Lab course is open for you to work in Hong Kong (even if you are based overseas!). You can work for social enterprises and gain a unique hands-on experience of these real-life situations.


Upon the completion of your 4-week placement, you will have completed the 160 hours required to earn the 6 credit on offer from BUSI2812 (128 hours - apx 30 hours per week - with the company + 32 hours on the video). We will conduct an orientation session in May which you will be required to attend in order to be ready for your summer Impact Lab journey.

Timeline for 2022 intake will be published in November 2021


Send CV & Motivation Letter via a form linked below.

Application Period: Mar 2022


Date: TBC

Time: 18:00 (Hong Kong time)

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


Selected students will be informed about the selection in March (dates TBC).

NOTE: We are applying the first-come-first-served principle meaning students who decide and register early will be given preference.


Students cannot enrol on Moodle on their own but need to be selected by a company through a recruitment process. Once a student is offered a placement, s/he will receive a registration link from the company. The course will appear on Moodle later on - registrations are done manually by the faculty and take some time.


An onboarding meeting will be held with the course instructors to prepare students for the class in May.


Students will start their work in June or July and will work for 4 consecutive weeks contributing 30 working hours per week to the organisation they will be working with.


Students will be assessed throughout the placement by their direct supervisor and final grades will be published in August. For more information about the course deliverables please refer to the syllabus.

Student Videos


If you have any question, please consult our FAQ section first before reaching out to in case your question is not answered.


Application closes on XX Mar (23:59). Applicants will need to send their CV and Motivation Letter and might be invited to an interview for assessment. 


NOTE: Students cannot add this course by themselves but need to be accepted by the instructor first. 

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