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partner companies

Meet the Impact Lab course partners addressing systemic issues facing Hong Kong and Asia.

This list is infrequently updated. For an up-to-date overview of the partner companies in the course, please instead refer to the actual course application page:

Soap Cycling


Soap Cycling was the first social business that set the foundation for the SVM course. Soap Cycling works with students, hotels, corporates, volunteers and WASH charities across Asia to recycle soap in a movement to reduce preventable hygiene-related diseases and suffering by distributing this life-saving resource to where it is needed the most.

Soap Cycling


Migrasia is an incubator that fosters and incubates solutions to problems relating to the migration of peoples, particularly in Asia. Migrasia utilizes a multi-faceted approach to tackle the major problems associated with migration by funding and is dedicated to promoting an ethical recruitment process for migrant workers via advocacy, research, journalism, and education.

Foundation for Shared Impact


Foundation for Shared Impact (FSI) is a foundation aimed at fostering social innovation and entrepreneurship. It is an exciting new venture that will, among others, create unique fundraising events and programs tailored for social enterprises, work on social business incubator aspects, develop unique overseas experiential programs, and more. 


EmpowerU’s mission is to provide high-quality education to those on the margins, so they can find their voice and use it to create a better future.

By combining technology, community, and award-winning educators, we have created a unique impact-based learning pedagogy that aims to empower ethnic minority students and migrant domestic workers to create a generation of leaders who'll usher in sustainable social impact in their communities.

24 Hour Race


The 24 Hour Race is Asia's largest youth-led endurance challenge and joins young people together in the fight against Slavery. Sponsored for every lap they run, our high school students raise funds for anti-trafficking initiatives in an incredible 24 Hour relay race. It is a student-led movement from the very beginning. Since 2010, we have expanded from Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Seoul and had tens of thousands of students run in our races.

Good Financial

Good Financial exists to serve the financial needs of migrant workers.


We are re-thinking, re-designing, and re-inventing financial services for migrant workers. Our primary focus right now is to provide the best and most ethical loan service on the market.


We’re tackling a broken, exploitative industry and aspire to save our customers at least HK$100 million by reducing the interest rates.

GREEN Hospitality


Our primary mission is to encourage businesses to work together to bring about innovative, sustainable, cross-border advancements to the global hospitality industry through innovative and engaging events and activities. Unlike other sustainability initiatives within the hospitality space, GREEN Hospitality focuses on all aspects in regard to hospitality, including hotels, supply chains, airlines, food, etc.

Green-Hospitality-Logo_original color.png
Weava Tools


Weava is a fast-growing Ed-tech startup that focuses on improving the productivity of students, professors and academic staff using technology. Our current product is a popular chrome plugin and mobile apps in which users can highlight, organize, and create their research documents all in one place. We have 500,000+ registered users from 1,000+ educational institutions in 100+ countries using our tool. 

Box of Hope


Box of Hope is a renowned annual charity project in Hong Kong aimed at providing useful/educational gifts to underprivileged children in Hong Kong & Asia donated by Hong Kong school children and local organizations. You fill old shoe boxes with NEW interesting and EDUCATIONAL gifts at home and drop them off at a collection point. The boxes are then collected and delivered directly to the children in need. Last year over 35,000 boxes were distributed. 


Hollo is one of the most up-and-coming Mental Healthcare related start-ups in Hong Kong. By enabling our users to assess and track their own mental health and equipping them with the tools and professional help, Hollo has begun to revolutionize the well-being sector for the better. 

After gaining some traction as World Champions of Microsoft's Imagine Cup 2020, their technology used to screen mental health has caught the attention of international leaders in the industry. 

With a focus in the NGO sector and a scope to expand into insurance and corporate spaces, the Hollo experience is definitely dynamic and fast-paced. Unlike other companies, the founders will be right there with you to learn and experience a start-up's lifestyle. 

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