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Hi and welcome to the HKU BUSI 2812 Social Venture Management Course's blog.

Ohh boy that's a handful, we should certainly come up with a sweeter name for it shouldn't we? Well, besides the official name, we typically refer to the course as the SVM course. That's better isn't it?!

Anyways, so you might be asking yourself: why would a HKU course have its own blog? The reason is in fact simple and two-fold.

First and foremost we want to give a voice to students who are part of the program to showcase their work, their positive social impact and their related thoughts regarding social entrepreneurship and the SVM. These students have acquired valuable knowledge and experiences that can all inspire us and teach us a lesson.

Secondly, we seek to illuminate the postive social impact that the SVM course and its students has on society at large. For example, since the inception of SVM, more than 100 students have interned for Soap Cycling which has helped recycle millions of bars of soap from hotels and distributed these to people in need — a life-saving product for various preventable diseases in third-world countries. Similar impact and student contributions goes true for the other SVM partner entities as well.

So, while today's post is a bit bland where we are mostly talking about ourselves, future blog posts will come directly from insightful students about topics that matters. Sure, what Kim Kardashian might wear on a Friday night might interest some, but in the grand scheme of things what truly matters is making the best of our own lives and making the world a better place for as many as possible.

We hope you agree and we hope you'll stay tuned for more stuff here. In the meantime, have a good one. Stay cool, stay classy, and most of all, stay engaged in the things that truly matters.

Until then,


The SVM Course.


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